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Studio Portraits

Portraits in wet plate collodion have an appeal unmatched in any other photographic medium. They have a depth and intensity which makes them objects of wonder. They seem to capture something which ordinary pictures don’t. What is it that makes a tintype portrait so special?

  • it’s the only photographic process available today which delivers an image made of pure metallic silver!

  • that metallic quality gives it a unique appearance, and amazing longevity

  • the colour sensitivity is biased towards blue and UV light which gives it a distinctive tonal signature

  • the optical qualities of vintage lenses and large format cameras contribute to the special look

  • wet plate collodion has no visible grain, so it’s possible to achieve incredible resolution

  • the slow and deliberate process requires a focus of attention on each image which contributes to a high success rate

  • the process involves the subject at every stage, making it a far more exciting experience than digital photography


We offer options for portrait photography to suit all budgets:


Studio open days roughly once a month where you can book a half hour portrait session, with prices starting at just £40 (-25% discount for students) Click Here for Booking

5x4” tintype or ambrotype: £40

5x7” tintype or ambrotype: £60

10x8” tintype or ambrotype: £90


Portraits by appointment: longer, bespoke sessions for individuals, couples, family groups etc. with time for several plates, multiple exposures, layered ambrotype and tintype compositions, from £195. Contact us


Workshops: half day and full day hands-on courses where you can really immerse yourself in the collodion process and learn how to do it yourself.

To find out more about workshops click here

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